Donor Programme

Many couples are not able to conceive naturally. In the donor program, fertility is achieved with the help of third-party donors that offer donor sperm, eggs, or embryos, which can help infertile couples, achieve a successful pregnancy. This is the best option for females who cannot produce healthy oocytes or suffer from chromosomal abnormalities and with IVF failures (repeated).

Egg donation

Females with the premature ovarian follicle, suffering from extensive endometriosis, severe pelvic adhesions, removed their ovaries surgically (no ovaries), poor egg quality, genetic disease, low ovarian reserve are an ideal fit for the egg donation process. The egg donation program helps couples with donor eggs to achieve conception. The process involves the egg collection from the donor and then fusion of the sperm and egg with the help of the IVF process and then transferring an embryo into the recipient female uterus. A pregnancy test is performed after two weeks to confirm pregnancy.

Sperm donation

Sperm donation is the best option for males whose sperm are of low quality, male factor infertility, genetic diseases, or other medical conditions. In this process, the donor sperm is fused with the female partner's egg to form an embryo using the IVF or by IUI technique. Then the embryo is implanted into the female uterus to achieve pregnancy.

Embryo donation

This is the best option when the option for male and female couples who are infertile. In this treatment, the embryo donors are the couples that have completed with family, and their frozen embryos are implanted to the female uterus (couples in need). The couples who are donating embryos (sperm and egg) undergo a series of tests to determine any medical condition or to check the quality of the egg and sperm.

At SJM IVF, the dedicated and experienced donor team and counseling staff provide expert guidance and support to both donors and recipients throughout the process. For more information about the donor program in Noida, pay a visit today at SJM IVF.